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BEING SELECTED for an Architect’s own home is always an honour and we appreciate the consideration given prior to purchasing.

Opting for clean modern lines and finishes to match the riverside home’s style, the Elfo lift included the following: anodised aluminium doors with clear glass panoramic panels and Caspim door handles, similinox skinplate wall panels and brushed stainless steel profiles and handrail, half height mirror, DAMA light diffuser ceiling, timber flooring by the owner and our exclusive skinplate roof covering to ensure the outside looks as good as the inside.

The lift itself was an adjacent through car configuration with 1380mm wide x 990mm deep car size, 300kg load capacity and fastest allowable speed of 0.3m/s. Requiring only a minimal shaft size of 1540mm wide x 1340mm deep, pit of 150mm and headroom of 2530mm, as always the ElfoLift impresses with its overall small footprint and ability to be adapted into any floorplan.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here

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