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Beverly Hills 90210
PRESTIGIOUS POST code where luxury and glamour are de rigueur, we welcomed the opportunity to install our three level FreedomLift into this stunning palatial home.

With an emphasis on sleek and shiny surfaces, the car was fitted out in polished stainless steel walls with anodised aluminium trims – the cabin was designed to have enough room on one side for a small bench for that bit of added comfort, why not travel in style ?

The anodised aluminium entry doors were fitted with full size clear glass panels with bevelled edges on two floors whilst the upper level had mirror glass installed. And, to make the most of the natural colours in the full size stone walls on the landings, the inside of the shaft was painted in a vibrant yellow for a standout feature when the lift is parked  on alternate floors.

Very glam

To view the drawings for this lift please click here


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