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WHEN THE new owners purchased this property in Sydney’s Dover Heights, a lift shaft had already been constructed by previous owners. They therefore needed a flexible lift option  that would be suitable for this shaft. Although our full range was considered – all our lifts are custom manufactured in sized to suit configurations – it was finally the Elfo 2 that ticked all the boxes for them.

As the shaft had been built to minimal proportions of 1350mm wide x 1400mm, the required lift also needed to have a compact footprint. The resulting lift cabin size of 1000mm wide x 1080mm deep with sliding doors only 750mm was perfect and still with a load capacity of 350kg. The finishes included one cabin wall in mirror polished stainless steel and two walls in full size white glass with brushed stainless steel profiles to match the cabin and landing doors. The floor of the cabin was fitted with our one piece manufactured stone (Rock Solid 671). To provide a neat uncluttered finish, we also supplied a machine cabinet to house the hydraulic tank and the electrical switchboard.

With a small pit of only 160mm and reduced headroom of 2500mm, the Elfo 2 represents one of the best value sliding door lifts on the market.

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