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LIFT SHOP and the experienced architecture and design team from Xpace, the owners and builder worked together on this magnificent Eastern Suburbs property with views over the Harbour all the way to the Bridge.

The overall brief for the lift was simple – functional (to service the three floors), one glass cabin wall to overlook the front yard through a bronze steel mesh and glass shaft wall, and most importantly, to blend into the clean lines of the interior walls so the lift was hardly even noticeable.

To achieve this blend in effect, we worked closely with the builder during construction to ensure that the wall of the shaft on the landings could accommodate the thickness of the lift doors and frames – the end result was nothing short of stunning.

The owners ? – this is what they had to say

“Everyone at LiftShop has been most helpful and easy to deal with and the product works beautifully. We will certainly be recommending your company to others”

To view the drawings for this lift please click here

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