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Beach house


This spacious new home in Perth’s City Beach has been finished to the finest level of detail and precision. It was a privilege to have our E1 sitting in prime position with two levels of the lift visible from the front door (and also extending down to the carpark size basement garage).

The single opening lift was fitted out from our standard skinplate range and offset by the high grade tile finish matching the rest of the home’s flooring. The dominant timber theme on the staircase was carried through to the exterior lift shaft cladding, tying everything together.

The contrasting concrete surfaces provided a beautiful blend of modern and rustic including the anodised aluminium lift doors with milk white glass. Total elegance in a relaxing environment.

E1 Swing Door Classica Cabin 

Cabin Size – 1050 x 1280 mm

Configuration – Single Entry

Shaft Structure – Masonry

Door Finish – Anodized aluminium, Milk white Glass

Cabin Interior – F12PPS Brushed Stainless Steel, Vertical COP, Half Mirror, Labirint Bianco A1

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