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Measure Twice Cut Once
FITTING AN outdoor lift and glass shaft between two solid building forms required precise measuring instructions for our manufacturer in Italy. As can be seen from the pictures, this was achieved with maximum use of the space available – looks like it must have been there from the start.

Making the most of the tranquil and private surrounds, the glass shaft with glass cabin walls allows for wonderful viewing when travelling between the three floors of the home. The glass shaft has also lightened up some previously dark interior sections of the home.

Being very exposed to the elements, the shaft was supplied with stopsol reflective glass and also a solar powered air vent at the top of the shaft – the owners have happily reported that the temperature inside the lift has remained comfortable at all times.

In addition, the exposure to the elements at the top level balcony has been taken care of by a frameless glass enclosure allowing passengers to stay dry at all times.

A better outcome could not have been achieved.

To view the drawings for this project please click here

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