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As 3 level homes becomes a typical design, so too does the practical inclusion of a lift to minimise reliance on just the stairs. Increasingly we are seeing this integration into the floorplans to make the lift a commonplace item.

This was certainly the case in the Brisbane suburb of Ormiston where the new modern home had a lift centrally located and opens directly into the main living areas.

As a contrast against a mainly white theme throughout, the lift was fitted out with N4 Anthracite skinplate walls with polished stainless steel profiles and warm timber flooring. With anodised aluminium doors with milk white glass the completed effect looks great and ties in perfectly with the rest of the home.

E1 Swing Door Classica Cabin 

Cabin Size – 1000 x 1325 mm

Configuration – Single Entry

Shaft Structure – Reinforced Concrete

Door Finish – Anodized Aluminium, Panoramic Glass in White Milk

Cabin Interior – Anthracite N4, Polished Stainless Steel, Vertical COP, Half Mirror, Labirint Ceiling

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