Electric Lifts Since 2006.   Exclusive and Different. Electric Lifts Since 2006. Exclusive and Different

A GRAND location inside Melbournes Grand Hyatts’ – the exclusive and magnificent Paspaley Pearls Boutique.

This is not just a regular lift. Clients of Paspaley enjoy life with style and finer experiences.  A natural fit with Lift Shops Italian Elfo.  Visit Paspaley where you too, can be whisked quietly to a private viewing area upstairs and try the finest pearls in the world.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and Lift Shops Elfo is part of the experience.

The Italian Elfo is 1100 mm (w) x 1400mm (d) and takes 5 people smoothly and quietly up inside a steel lift shaft also supplied and installed by Lift Shop.

Natural anodised aluminium and glass doors enclose a cabin that is 2100mm high internally with polished stainless steel and mirrors throughout

View the layout drawing for this project

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