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Zen Oasis


Located in the prestigious Trousdale Estates, this remarkable home and elevator pair is a work of art. 

The open floor plan immediately invites guests to the dining room which boasts our stunning E2 elevator adjacent to an extensive wine cellar, and cabin descends to a zen courtyard with a water feature and olive tree. 

This Moderna Cabin with ARPA Laminate, dark wall panels and flush interiors is unparalleled in its sleek design and functionality in this home. 

E2 Sliding Door Moderna Cabin

Cabin Size – 1117 x 1397 mm

Configuration – Single Entry

Shaft Structure – Timber

Door Frame Finish – RAL 7021 Matte Smooth

Cabin Interior – ARPA 4517, RAL 7021 Matte Smooth, Mirror, Vertical Black COP 


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