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THIS PROPERTY situated in Sydney’s Dover Heights with panoramic views of the ocean required perfection. The owner, a design engineer, wanted a home that was like no other, and that it certainly is! From the curved cantilevered staircase to the curved glass wall in the living room, this property is engineering at its best. After close collaboration with the owners, Lift Shop provided a three stop single entry Freedom Lift.

As space was no issue for this build, we installed an 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep cabin. The interior of the lift was finished with one bright red aluminium composite wall (A819), with the other two walls in offsetting silver aluminium composite (A808). Meanwhile, to contrast with the home’s beautiful timber and stone floors, the floor of the cabin was finished in our Marble Veins DBF 24.  Lastly the anodised aluminium doors with frosted glass were the finishing touch to this lift, as they allowed natural light to flow into the cabin, while being a statement of their own.

Overall, a beautiful lift that complimented this engineering masterpiece!

To view the drawings for this lift please click here

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