Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. Exclusive & Different. Exclusive and Different

Education is important


Educated buyers make intelligent decisions.  

Learning helps you logically assess and understand your options. (Product/Suppliers) 

Lift Shop has sold more than $300 million in home elevators over two decades.

Clients who have purchased the best lift for their situation, are happy.

We like happy! 

To learn the differences visit our showrooms, and be happy.

Lift Shop is different, which is why we are often imitated and never duplicated.

A deep dive into the Australian lift industry and how it works. Why all lifts and companies are not the same

Why Lift Shop says NO!

(to some customers).

After 25 years in business, we have learned that satisfaction and safety matters more than money

We sell more than 750 lifts a year, so a few jobs will not sway us, and we don’t like headaches.  We love to succeed, rather than win.

Problem lifts do not go away, it just gets worse.   It’s not simple to substitute a lift, it needs to be fixed and the clients need to be satisfied.  We are proud of our near 5 STAR rating on 900 Google reviews. 

If we will not make you happy, we are going to decline to do the job.  We will decline for the following reasons:

  • Financial Risk.  We don’t charge good clients extra to cover bad payers.
  • Unreasonable expectations of what or when.  Our timetable is rigorous and works.
  • Safety and work-flow ignorance.  You are dangerous.
  • Impossible demands of our company or our people (including being rude to them, and unreasonable contract amendments).
  • We do not have the right lift that will leave you delighted.  We know we are a niche’ specialist, and only offer lifts to a certain market segment.
  • We only compete where we know we are simply the best.
  • You haggle too hard.  We prefer co-operation to tension.  We don’t like hiring our lawyers.  They are very good and very expensive (Shout out to the team at Gilbert + Tobin who we do appreciate and use)

Thanks for your understanding.
This way everybody succeeds, and dissatisfaction is avoided. 


The Truth About ‘In Cabin Self Rescue’ (ICSR) – Get The Facts – See It Operate.

Lift Shop’s three rescue features.

  1. Call and wait for outside help
  2. Power failure sensing – self lower
  3. ICSR  – Move to a safe place, and get out yourself! (Free inclusion)

Other home elevators are normally supplied with only the first two.

Car Airbags are not mandatory. They are included for free because it makes the car safer.  ICSR is treated the same way.

Critical Safety Features

Because safety is Paramount.

It is most important. It is not negotiable for clients or staff.  Lift Shop has an enviable safety record for this reason.

The lifts have numerous safety features, so have them all demonstrated at your showroom visit.

A full list of the safety features can be found in the lift section.

In-Cabin Self Rescue, rescue from the machine space, emergency communication, power failure sensing lowering, and more. They are all different, but all critical to your safety.

Not all lifts are equal.  Make sure you get the best.

Why it matters:

Home lifts are in homes, which are often locked to the outside world. An emergency technician may not be able to access your house!

Traditional elevators are in public locations, easily accessible by the general public.


In-Cabin Self-Rescue

How it works – In the event of a minor failure:

The battery-backed-up computer checks the landing doors for locked status. (it must be locked).

If the lift is not in its emergency brakes, the passenger presses and holds two buttons together and the lift slowly moves to floor level and unlocks the door for a safe exit.

The 2002 Australian standard for home lifts was written prior to Lift Shop including this invention of the in-cabin self-rescue device in 2007. It is allowed by the standard contrary to our competitors’ whimpering.

Unlike a public location where access to the property is simple, your home could be securely locked, meaning rescuers need to break in.  You may be at home alone.  A sensor for power failure (which we do have) alone is not enough in our honest opinion.  You may agree with our competitors that it is enough.

Checked by WorkCover of NSW, the Lift Shop IN CABIN SELF RESCUE feature is entirely safe. Don’t wait for rescue, get yourself out!

 A different approach to service and warranty

Lift Shop does not service other lift brands due to efficiency and risk minimization.  We do not grow the portfolio through piecemeal acquisitions of failed companies.  This means:

  • Superior economies of scale to keep costs down.
  • Proven service systems and methods.
  • Planning certainty equals on time appointments.
  • A safer lift for our technicians and lift passengers.

Lift Shop provides regular service,  repair service, and after-hour emergency assistance

Savings are passed to customers. Virtually unlimited warranty on parts and labour to replace is available for an annual fee.  This warranty is transferable and resides with the lift.  The associated conditions are fair and reasonable.

*Differences Lift Shop (Source Lift Shop terms and conditions)Next Level Elevators / Compact Lifts (Source: Next Level Quote Document, 24th March 2020)Easy Living Home Elevators (Source: Easy Living Quote Document, 8th July 2020)
Standard Period 1 Year1 Year1 Year
Annual Service Included 2 - 4 PAClaim at least 2Claim at least 2
Repairs - Standard PeriodLabour and parts includedLabour and parts includedLabour and parts included
Transferability Yes - resides with liftNo - resides with purchaser / owner e.g. builder
Extended Period Unlimited - for an annual fee. Up to 7 years (commenced operations in approx 2013 )Up to 10 years. Haggle point.
Repairs - Extended PeriodLabour and parts includedParts only, labour extraParts only, labour extra
Payment Credit offered Payment needs to made on completion for warranty to be valid

*Any competitor that wishes to know our source or correct our latest information or wishes to have their information presented on the table is welcome and invited to do so via email. This will be amended immediately. This is information sourced directly from the latest information we have received in writing.

Hydraulic Drives are Great

  • Don’t be confused by a supplier who “rubbishes” hydraulic drives.  It is because they lack skill and cannot compete.
  • Hydraulic drives are a great solution for private residence elevators.
  • They have been the preferred drive for more than 30 years for low-rise limited use lifts.
  • They are ideal for a private residence situation where the lift is not used more than 30 times an hour.

Hydraulic Drives Do Not Smell or Burn Oil

  • The oil is contained in the hydraulic system in the same way it is contained within a car’s brakes.
  • The oil is pumped from a tank into a sealed system that lifts the cabin, it merely returns to the tank in reverse.
  • If it is continually pumped more than 30 times in an hour, it will cause the oil to heat up. 
  • Within the tank is a thermal overload sensor, that will sense the heat and shut down the machine for safety.
  • Very hot oil will smell, but this will not occur as the system does not operate in that hot oil zone.

Experience and Guarantee

  • Lift Shop has sold and installed more than $¼ BILLION!  (> $250,000,000) of hydraulic lifts in the last 15 years.  
  • Our clients do not have concerns with hydraulic oil smell.
  • If you are a regular service customer and your oil does start to smell, then Lift Shop will replace the oil for you at no extra charge.
  • Our promise is your guarantee that oil smell is not an issue.

Which drive to use?

Is often confused.

This is caused by salespeople who want you to buy what they sell.

Rather than what is best for you.

Understanding the changes to the lift standards

The Shrewd and Anti-Competitive behaviour is systematically destroying the consumer benefits of the Australian lift industry.

“Follow the money”

In this industry, it flows to the OEMs and their pawns who pay lip service to competition and bamboozle the regulators and the market.

They are patient and unstoppable, and consumers and small businesses lose in the end.

European Commission Findings in 2007


Current state of the standards

The Standards are being systematically replaced with EN (European Normative) and other overseas standards.  The reason is allegedly on a justification that they are safer, without explaining why they are needed.  The existing standards are already safe, and all they will achieve is to restrict competition. They dare not suggest the existing standards are unsafe in the first place for fear of being held to that or causing unnecessary product recalls for which there is no need.

The Australian Standards are flagrantly replaced by European ones only to assist International companies in making profits in Australia to the exclusion of the Australian market.  If you feel strongly, report it to the ACCC.

Lift Shop is not protesting, merely reporting.  Lift Shop is likely to benefit from this anti-competitive practice due to our already well-established size and scale and engineering strengths.  The conduct will cause our smaller Australian competitors with limited resources to struggle and make it nearly impossible for them to innovate.

Lift Shop does not collude and refuses to take part in any anti-competitive or border line illegal conduct

Status of the standards below 

The Lift Manufacturer is Critical to your Decision

 Lift Shop only sells proven lifts to ensure consistency and certainty for critical issues:

  • Lift lifespan, quality and design
  • Spare parts and materials
  • Technical training, installation methods and servicing
  • Safety and regulations including government approvals

Co-ordinated lift development and planned logical innovation is necessary to ensure clients are never abandoned with a strange or experimental product (or feature.) Something that’s sometimes forgotten by those less capable and unable to keep up in a fast-moving world.

Italy’s leader, EP has been our exclusive home lift supplier since 2003. We have a fantastic relationship with EP. EP is the largest and most successful premium home lift manufacturer in Italy and manufactures thousands of units annually. EP outsells all others in Italy, the home of premium domestic lift manufacture.

IGV, the manufacturer of Domuslift ceased production on 20 April 2018 due to financial distress. A timely reminder of the importance and ramifications of knowing who you are dealing with. Make sure your lift manufacturer will be there until the end of your warranty period.

Ensure the distributor has a history of selling and servicing the lift type which is backed by an established manufacturer who can provide spare parts and technical expertise.

Inspiration and Ideas

It is important to make sure you get the lift design right.

This section is to help inspire clients with different design ideas and concepts.


Building a lift shaft now and installing the lift later


We are finding more clients are wanting to build an elevator shaft at the build stage and installing the lift later.
The benefits include:

  • Cutting down on the building works and costs
  • Future-proofing your home
  • Removing the need for involving an engineer when installing the elevator.

Matching your lift doors to your home

Many clients prefer a blend in look where they can tie their lift doors into the home’s decor.

This guide showcases various projects where clients have integrated/concealed their lift with a variety of custom finishes.

Self supporting shaft structure 


With our E1 and E2 range, we can supply the steel structural shaft components without any cladding. This assists in construction by removing the need to build a load-bearing shaft.

Once we have constructed our shaft structure, your builder will need to provide cladding on all four sides for safety purposes – this cladding will need to be both non-removable and non-penetrable.

Our self-supporting structure is available in a galvanised steel finish, not powder-coated, which allows for quick installation.

Custom Glass Shafts by Builders 

Whether it is a stunning view or a busy living room many clients enjoy the luxury of being able to see what is going on around them while travelling in their private lift. Although we have a full range of glass shafts (steel and aluminium) these pictures show some of the amazing glass shafts that builders have provided for a complete customised finish.

3 months free storage*

Storage can be a huge earner for lift companies, especially in Covid times.

Lift Shop helps you when things are tough.

3 Months Free Storage:

1. For new customers affected by Covid.
2. Existing customers will also receive assistance, please call.

Worth between $4,400 and $9,100
(Storage rates vary, for six months,
based on our latest data, they charge as follows):
1. Easy Living Home Elevators = $7,495.
2. Next Level Elevators = $5,800
3. West Coast = $4,680
4. Savaria = $9,100
5. Infinity = $5,460
6. Direct Lifts = $4,400
7. Prestige = $6,000

*Any competitor that wishes to know our source or correct our latest information is welcome and invited to do so promptly by email. This will be amended immediately. This is information sourced directly from the latest information we have received in writing.

Click here for the full calculations



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