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Home lifts have become increasingly popular in Australia as homeowners seek to enhance accessibility and convenience within their private homes. These lifts are no longer exclusive to luxury homes; they can be tailored to various budgets.

The cost of a home lift in Australia can vary widely depending on several factors:

Lift Type: The type of lift you choose significantly affects the price.

Hydraulic Home Lifts: These are typically the most cost-effective, with starting prices at around $40,000 for a two-stop lift

Traction Home Lifts: Premium traction lifts may start at $50,000 for a two-stop lift

Finishes and Customization: The level of customisation and finishes you select will also impact the price.

Additional Expenses: Remember that the lift’s cost is just one part of the overall expense. You should also allocate funds for finishing work around the lift and any necessary building works.

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