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FOR A project of this magnitude, care and attention to detail was paramount. As such, it was not surprising that it took 3 years from first discussions till starting on site for the installation of this 5 stop Supermec and glass shaft. Located in a beautiful Sydney harbourside location, emphasis on glass to make the most of the views was a major design consideration.

As the lift and shaft were located on the outside of the home, considerable excavation and building works were needed for what was a major renovation to the existing older style home in need of a makeover.

Details of the lift and shaft were: galvanised and powdercoated steel shaft clad in a combination of milk white and fume smoked glass. Sized to suit the space available, the cabin size of 1100mm wide x 1120mm deep was fitted with polished stainless steel wall, profiles and car and landing doors. One cabin wall was done in full size glass, as were all the doors for maximum observation effect. To match the overall colour scheme, the floor was fitted with factory manufactured rocksolid stone. A simple ceiling in polished stainless steel with four LED downlights gave an elegant finish.

With an enviable view, our installation crew were provided with a breathtaking workplace daily.

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