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THE OWNER of this beautiful waterfront property on the Gold Coast’s canals was starting to get desperate. The majestic home spanned three levels and there seemed to be an abundance of room where a lift could be fitted into, but every lift company he spoke to told him it couldn’t be done.

Everyone he met with told him it was too hard, there were too many unknown issues, there products wouldn’t fit in, etc etc.

And then he called us…

With precise and careful measuring, working with our manufacturers and applying a lateral attitude, the end results speak for themselves – the pictures prove it could be done.

In this case, the owner provided a brick shaft in the basement and then constructed his own steel and glass shaft at the middle level and then reverted to brick again at the upper level. The FreedomLift chosen with a combination of black doors, gold profiles and trim and composite aluminium and glass walls is quite literally a masterpiece of unrivalled opulence and showmanship – we love our job.

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