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Hunters Hill Medical Practice
THE ADDITION of our 2 stop Supermec and steel and glass shaft to the Hunters Hill Medical Practice was a great example of a retrofit that looked like it had always been there. Working closely with the owners, tenants and builders, we provided a clean modern solution that now offers limited mobility access between both floors of the building. Small issues such as integrating roof protection, seamless entry at both levels to existing balconies, unobtrusive location of lift controller and colour matching the old and the new were no problems for our experienced sales and install teams.

To maximise the outside location, the cabin was fitted with a rear glass wall for an observation effect, the shaft was clad in tinted glass for better heat protection and the cabin walls finished in easy to clean skinplate (grigio colour) and half height mirror and non-slip grey pirelli rubber flooring.

Verdict – a clean bill of health


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