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“One day all home elevators will have this button” says Les Katz, Managing Director. “Innovations are progress and leadership. It is like disc brakes, air conditioners, anti-skid systems and air bags in the motor vehicle industry.”

The cycle of innovative improvements is well known. It starts as a premium extra, sold for a premium as an enticement, then eventually everyone learns how to do it and they become mainstream.

Our In-Cabin-Self-Help button is clever because the trapped lift passenger can cause the lift to travel slowly and gently downwards and exit, safely, simply and legally.

(explanation: In the unlikely event that the lift stops, then the batteries supported computer checks the safety circuit making sure that all is safe. From within the lift car, you press the button which pulls in the slow valve solenoids (powered from backup batteries). When the lift is level with the floor, the mechanical locks release and the door opens normally, permitting a safe and quick exit. The landing doors CANNOT open until the lift is level, so you have no risk of falling into the shaft. You NEVER climb down or out. You simply walk out as normal. We also have a 24 hour rescue service with technicians on standby in the highly unlikely event that the computer determines that safe self operated descent is not possible due to a safety breach and therefore refuses to activate the button. All lifts are also supplied with telephone communications too.)

The in cabin self help button is a free inclusion to our incredible Freedomlift.

It’s safe and its wonderful, it is the Lift Shop way.

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