Electric Lifts Since 2006.   Exclusive and Different. Electric Lifts Since 2006. Exclusive and Different


Lift Shop bought from IGV between 2005- 2008 but ceased due to quality and reliability problems from them.


Lift Shop is supplied by EP since 2003, Italy’s leader and the largest and most successful premium home lift manufacturer.


There are many Italian home lift manufacturers, and they are not the same or equivalent.


Search Google, or go to an industry website like www.interlift.de for the names and sites of many more.


20 April 2018: – IGV Ceases Manufacture of the Domuslift.

IGV representatives stated in April 2018, that they hoped to restart within 6-8 weeks if a buyer / money could be found. It has not occurred in nearly 3 months.   Former clients and employees are going elsewhere – a sale is looking unlikely at this date.

On 16 May 2018, the company filed with the Court in Milan (no 44/2018 of 14/05/2018) a request for permission to make an arrangement with creditors as they cannot pay them.  The company also suspended all operations.  They should return to court in September 2018.

IGV published accounts dated 31 December 2016 show a NET FINANCIAL POSITION of negative E23.77M. No financial statements for 2017 have yet been published.







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