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“A multi-generational masterpiece” and “one of Melbourne’s finest homes” are among some of the notorieties that surround this inner city oasis. Our Lift Shop Melbourne team worked exclusively with renowned architect Matt Gibson Architecture and Design to provide the perfect home elevator. 

Featured in Architecture Australia Magazine, vertical living through 5 stories offers a solution to housing affordability and keeping costs low through shared resources. 

Our E2 Sliding Door was the perfect solution for this 600m2 residence, connecting every floor and private suite. Polished stainless steel finishes and mirrored wall panels showcase how Lift Shop and Elevator Boutique’s style and functionality can elevate your home. 

E2 Sliding Door Classica Cabin 

Cabin Size –1200mm x 1200mm

Configuration – Single Opening

Shaft Structure – Timber

Door Finish – RAL 7022 Satin Finish

Cabin Interior – Polished Stainless Steel, RAL 7022 Satin Finish, Vertical COP, Mirror, Spot LED Ceiling, Polished Handrail

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